Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Florence! Too much art, too much food...

Ciao ragazzi! and welcome to Florence! The city of art and inspiration...

There are things in life that you must do before dying, one of those things is for sure visiting Italy, The country of magic and pasta! :D 
The first place we've visited in italy was the amazing city of Florence. This wonderful place is considered as the birthplace of the Reinassance (home of artists like: Michelangelo Buonarroti, Leonardo Da Vinci, Dante Alighieri, Leon Battista Alberti...and the list is longer...) Florence is one of the most artistic places in the world and also an important city in Italian fashion, being ranked on the top fashion capitals in the world. 

Duomo di Firenze. Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. Begun in 1296 in a Gothic style. 

Florence is this kind of places that you never will forget. It's incredible how much art there is around. It really looks like the whole city is done to be an outdoor museum where you don't need to pay for the just need to get there! 
In Florence everyone is painting, sketching, playing music, doing pictures, eating pasta or just drinking wine  under the beautiful blue Italian sky while you sit in front of thousands of incomparable sculptures. 
Now that I think about this place...I regret I didn't stay there! :O

Piazza della Signoria.  What we love about this place, Is the fact that it's full of art pieces and you can sit to drink a cup of coffee outside while you enjoy all these masterpieces. 
That's Italian style! Spontaneus and cool, that's a real Italian man! 
That's another Italian style... Love it! This classic but really nasty art drives me crazy!  
Everybody paints in Florence! This is a tipical image of the city. 
What a surprise! more artists in Florence! :o 
David by Michelangelo, the masterpiece of the Renaissance. ( ...I cried when I saw it, and it is just a replica :p ) the original sculpture was moved to the Accademia Gallery  to conserve it. 

What we loved! 
In Florence we found very interesting and nice things, one of those were the Restaurants of's Italy! 
You don't know how Italy is a country of food until you get there. It's amazing how good is the meal and how the Italians enjoy this pleasure. La Trattoria Mario is one of this marvelous places that really inspired us. It is a place where you don't reserve before, you just go and you wait a bit until there is a place for you, but the place absolutelly deserves your time. It's possible that you can share the table with someone else that you don't know (I cannot deny it was a bit freak for me...) but that's what makes the place so original and spontaneous. You will not spend a bunch of money there and the food has no comparison! 

The Fashion!  Florence is also a city of inspiration and style. The city has the only museum in Italy dedicated to fashion and its history Galleria del Costume,  there you can find thousands of clothes, accesories and pieces trough the years and more pieces by famous designers, it's incredibly inspiring and the paradise for a woman!  If you have more time, you can even visit the Salvatore Ferragamo museum and the Gucci museum. Florence is definitely the place to make shopping, to eat, to party, to get inspired with, and to be happy... 


Monday, October 21, 2013

Καλημέρα Ελλάδα!

Hi everybody! :) And welcome to Greece! One of the most beautiful and relaxing places in the world...
This is one of the latest sketches I've done. I got inspired by all the beauty I found in this country; and I am very happy with the result. I really love sketching cities, and I also like sketching beautiful models; so I tried to make the combination of both things, which is a bit of a challenge. (technique: Pencil, fine marker and colored pencils.)
Greece is exactly as you can see here... The whole country is blue and white, that's why is so easy to get inspired by this place... The ancient enviroment and marvelous history make you feel so amazed by the country, but at the same time it has a very cozy energy. it's so relaxing and happy...Greece is the place where you don't do just live and relax, laying on the beach, drinking a cold coffee below the amazing blue sky. 

Souvlaki! something that you cannot miss in Greece, it's a delicious food, cheap and tasty ;) and of course! Don't get surprised when you see hundred of street cats on every corner of Greece.
University of Athens. (In such a beautiful university I would never concentrate... )
Athens Flea Market. The perfect place to spend the whole day, shopping and drinking coffee looking at the Acropolis. 
That's Greece! 

Definitely, Greece is one of this places to visit. I cannot describe it with words. I just can say that is one of the places where I felt more comfortable and happy. Living in Greece is completely different than being a tourist there. But even spending at least one week of your life in that country is going to make you feel so good and inspired that you would like to stay there and spend the rest of your life :) 
I am currently traveling around Italy. Another wonderful place to get inspired with. Where I am spending all my holidays sketching  and sitting in front of  beautiful buildings and great architecture to sketch them. Soon you will see more creations by me. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Belfast Fashion week

The fancy hotel! It was a royal paradise, there was just missing Paris Hilton :p  
My Fashion Look for the day! A bit dramatic and classic. 
Jimmy Choo shoes, a piece of art! (by the way...They were super cheap! :o)
Minimalistic dress, loved it! and a big red coat, very chic! 
Animal print coat, super glamorous! especially with a pair of  black leggings. Jumper and coat, perfect winter combination. 
I felt in love with the set. It is so beutiful and sexy. Also the  masculine look composed  by  a buttons shirt and a dark blazer  perfectly combined with high heels. 
Dress and leggings, really femenine! And one of my favorite designs, the asymmetric blue coat. 
Enjoying the Fashion week with one of my best fashionista friend :) Sazemina! She is awesome! Great talent, nice point of view and she also blogs her ideas. 

Belfast! :) A place not very well known in Fashion, but with a great emerging talent! 
This was the spotlight city on the last weekend, where the Fashion Week was celebrated with great catwalks, original designs and beautiful models! (by the way...also nice cocktails...) 
The runway was full of elegance and glamour. Every model reminds me a bit of  the 50's fashion where 'being chic' was the main purpose and the woman was looking extremely imposing . Brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Victoria Beckham, Gucci and Jimmy Choo introduced their latest pieces to the public. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My fashion ladies...!

I am glad to share today the latest sketches that I've been doing at work during the week :P 
Those are all inspired by the autumn-winter Fashion of 2013. Each sketch represents an important piece which have impressed the public and the fashionistas on the catwalks around the world, like in the London Fashion week and the New York fashion week. 

-The Maxi coat -
It's impossible not to pay attention to a big coat that is also colorful. This tendence is one of my favorites for this season. The coat is a very important piece which gives all the power to your look, that's why it has to show happiness and energy, you should just wear your coat full of colour, say good bye to the boring black garment in winter!  

Chic and punk! Karl Lagerfeld staged this relevant trend wich seems to be the hottest trend for the season. These kind of fabrics are everywhere...hats, coats, bags or scarves! It just looks so sophisticated and poetic! Try to use it with leather and denim to complete your look.  

-Prints and pink- 
This time Moschino surprised me with the beautiful runway full of prints and punk style. It is amazing how the collection combined this sweet colour but in a 'rebel way' showing prints and lines in black, white and pink. Also the different kind of fabrics that matched perfectly on every outfit. It is a very cohesive collection. 

-Hat and Coat-
Definitely the most elegant tendence! The hat plus the coat could be so chic and so trendy. They are the perfect couple :) You gonna be the spotlight while you wear a big winter hat and a chic coat.