Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Photographic Mood board

Iconic people, beautiful outfits, style or beauty... What's exactly the amazing thing about all these pictures? 
Is actually the picture itself; the person behind those lenses make them look perfect, and that's the result! 
The photographer knew how to manage all the factors around and place them in a beautiful shot.
That's why Photography is so mystic and so challenging, The world is just out there! And you have to 
catch it in a camera, sounds so complicated...and unfortunatelly it is :( 

 We hope some day to get pictures like these ones, but in the meantime we can give you some ideas 
and advices that were very useful for us.

1. IS NEVER TOO LATE!  If you feel attracted by photography take it as a deep and intense hobby,
Even if you don't know anything, is just about love (we say it because we'd felt the same) At some point you just don't feel like taking good pictures, so you are in the right way! because is pretty normal that feeling :) Is not about being professional, is a state of mind. So go out now and take your camera with you! 

2. ...PRACTICE, DELETE, KEEP PRACTICING... Anyone can get the perfect picture in one shot,
It also depends in how lucky you are at the moment of  shooting, That is something that make us really happy, because in 2000 pictures we take, we could find at least 3 good ones :D And we are not the only ones ;) A real photographer is made by mistakes, like everything in life... so no worries, Just try and play with your camera till you will find your own style and you will discover the strongest and also the weakest part of your work, so never give up! 

3. GET INSPIRATION FROM OTHER WORK. It doesn't mean 'copying', but is really good to compare, to create and develop your taste and talent around the work of another people. 
Like these previous pictures, We took them as a mood board, In this case we got inspiration from the fashion photography in the 50's. 
When you don't get any ideas, go directly to see books or magazines, a museum or whatever, could be a source of inspiration. Is because the world is full of beautiful and creative people! (Sometimes I hate them...
the people is so damn creative!) 

Is so true... but how many good pictures we have lost because we were shy...We want to take pictures so badly in a certain place or to a certain person, but we don't feel like taking out the camera...
Just do it!! don't think about what other people gonna say or think about you. If they think you are a freak guy taking pictures to silly things, is true! But it doesn't matter, you are the artist! And take shots of all the nice things you find around you. 

5. READ AND GET A PARTNER! You can always practice a lot, however, the most professional way to do it is being a bit nerdy and studying theory as well. Please, read the manual of your camera, and then you will get better results Focus in one topic every week like "white balance" or "back light", read about it and put it in practice! Also a partner is a big advantage, you will need someone to pose for you, to get feedback and to help you to improve your photography.Is so much easier when someone next to you has a critical eye and also has the patience to be your model and go around with you to experiment shots and share ideas.  

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Coffee and design

We love this design, every coffee has an essence, in every culture is different that's the amazing thing about drinking coffee  around the world. took from

Like the wine for the philosophers, the coffee for the artists! :)
Coffee time.. the best time of the day, the perfect plan to do at any hour. A café, more than a place is a beautiful space to get inspired and relax, to sit quiet and why not!? To smoke a joint as well! Specially in Amsterdam, where we found around the Red Light District a very special and inspiring place to drink coffee. But is not a Coffeeshop, they don't sell weed! :O Just coffee. But anyway, If you enjoy shopping and drinking coffee afterwards, that's the right place!  'koko' coffee and design, Is an art shop, where you can find clothes, bags, paintings and more works of art made by different designers and artists. At the same time you can just lay down in a sofa and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while you think what do I want to buy here? everything! :)
In every new place you go, the key is always to try a cup of coffee there, sit down and observe a bit the people. That's something very cultural, in every city will be a different experience and is the best way to think, and take some rest, just have a quiet moment in the middle of your day.

Dedicated for all the coffee lovers! We are so freak, we know it... :P

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Irish beer tastes the best in Ireland

Hi! say hello to Belfast! A city ubicated in Northern Ireland. Is weird because is Ireland but it supposed to be U.K, but for me is Ireland, but for the rest is U.K, and at the end, I don't know where we are...! :O
Anyway, is a beautiful city, where we could find thousands of interesting things and people. Some street photography helped us to discover more the place, and we try to do our best to show it.
We love about Belfast that is a very cheap place to go, you can find for amazing prices everything you are looking for. Perfect place for shopping!
In summer the city town has a great enviroment, the City Council is open during the day and let the people come in to enjoy the place and lay down on the grass. That's one of the coolest things you can do to relax at anytime during the day. 
In the left: one attempt of the Big Ben, in the right the best! Guinness!  one of the nicest beers we've tried. Everybody says that a Guinness in Ireland tastes the best, and we believe it, Is completely true, the experience of going to an Irish pub here, listen to the local music having a Guinness has no price.
Sheeps....! everywhere!  that's Ireland :)

What a style they have in their Taxis!  love it! 
Belfast's peace walls. Symbols of division and hatred.

A lovely weekend at the Saint George's Market. Is the last surviving  victorian covered market. Something you have to visit for sure.
Gay pride Day in Belfast!