Saturday, December 7, 2013

New home! New life!

Frida Kahlo inspiration
Vintage  sketch made with markers
A work of art at the laundry room
Sketches in the living room. Made with fine markers. 

Home is that place where everything happens and memories are created; that's the place where you live your life, where the story begins and where you can find yourself, that's why it's so important and personal. I think the most difficult part about traveling is the fact of leaving your home with all your things there, I always try to build my substitution place whenever I am able to. But my real dream is getting a place for me and be sure that I am not going to move soon...(at least for the next 6 months... :p)  But since I am back in the inspiring city of Amsterdam I've started again to build my -SinMente- life over there! :)  Home is a place which means a lot to me, an I build this place around all the things I like, as an artist I put special attention to my workstation, to the light and of course keeping practical and managing the space mainly for the things I really need.