Sunday, September 22, 2013

Just draw your Fashion!

Fashion is an imposition, a reign on freedom.
A relaxing autumn afternoon... sketching and getting inspired by my own outfit, and then, create Fashion Illustration! It is definitely one of the most appealing things to me. 
Fashion Illustration has the power to catch everyone! by the beauty of fashion represented in an artistic way, using different art techniques. 
It is the communication of Fashion through painting and drawing used for adverstising and promotion for fashion markets, but also serves as a form of art. It turns into a very interesting way to get the perfect mixture between art and fashion. 

Fashion Illustration is a big challenge! You have to be careful with every detail, the body and the clothes always have to look perfect, and it's a bit difficult to get that; It's not only the drawing, at the end don't forget that you are also trying to sell the outfit and the model should look like a top model! That's why it needs a lot of practice. 
My best exercise is to look at the magazines and take the pictures I like, then, I do my best to create a copy of that picture with good proportions, but always keeping my style of drawing. It's all about practicing and playing with photos and papers. Also, after you get the practice, you start creating your own models and fashion designs, I think it's a great tool to be used in fashion portfolios and sketchbooks. You really learn how to show your vision as a designer.   

Actually, this form of illustration'd started 500 years ago, since clothes have been in existence, and we didn't have photography. 
By the time when Photography was not easy and popular at all, and it also required a lot of work. So, the best way to advertise, and make a kind of 'fashion magazines' was sketching the models and doing publicity for Fashion which was only illustrated. Can you imagine the VOGUE magazine done all with sketches...? :O It would be awesome! :D 

Just draw your Fashion now! and play with your art. 
The use of Fashion Illustration has declined a lot, since the Fashion magazines started to replace the covers with photographic images that had been edited. At the end, there is nothing compared with the real art that comes from your mind, and I belive that fashion illustration is more spontaneous and gives you the opportunity to show your creativity. There are no limits to draw fashion and show an amazing design through illustration that will be unique. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

My -Monochrome & Pop Art- Photogallery from NICHOLASKIRKWOOD.COM- 2. Pow bag! from ETSY.COM- 3. POP frame from ROCKABILIA.COM- 4. Sweater from IDILVICEFASHIONROCKS.COM- 5. Shirt from GANGONLINE.COM.BR- 6. Skirt from ROMWE.COM- 7. Sweater from IDILVICEFASHIONROCKS.COM- 8. Campbells shirt from ETSY.COM- 9. Sweater from ROMWE.COM- 10. Design chair from YOOX.COM

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A fashion that doesn't reach the streets is not fashion!

It's cold outside and it's time to wear autumn fashion! new trends and new styles... everybody gets crazy looking at the fashion weeks in New York, London and Paris! We are expecting for the latest fashion trends to wear in this season, and that's the most exciting thing about fall-winter, It's cold but the style remains! And the cold weather is the perfect occassion to dress with fashionable clothes and to have the opportunity to get more pieces to complete a cool outfit. 

It's funny how everybody  is sad about the winter, The summer is gone but is not the end of the world...! I particularly like the autumn and winter, I enjoy so much the cold weather and you can be always more creative at dressing. It could be much more elegant and chic. So let's take advantage of the weather to buy a nice coat and go for winter shopping! 

Definitely there are some pieces that we cannot missed for fall-winter; like a good pair of jeans, not the usual ones... this time is the turn for the patchwork denim, the mix of -denim on denim- is a must! since ChloĆ© introduced this item on the runway of 2010 we couldn't forget them and it's part of our closet. some fashionistas say that is time to let them go, but no one can't resist to the temptation of wearing them! 

The weather and the enviroment in the U.K inspire me today to wear lot of leather, a pair of -denim on denim- jeans and a colored bag to give some happiness to the outfit :) I really don't like dressing in winter completely black, come on! who said the winter should be black!? ...If I could...I would wear a flourescent coat :P  

Start warming up in fall-winter with the different colors, shapes and sizes of coats! I love this piece! It can change for complete the outfit and it gives all the protagonism to your look. 
Go for the oversized coat, or either a classic coat with leather detailing and clean tailoring. Don't be afraid of mixing leather with wool. 

Of course we couldn't miss a bow neck tie to complete an autumn look, It's definitely the season's accessory, I don't know how...? but suddenly everyone is crazy about them!  from the runway to the streets, the woman just  love them! Also don't forget to combine your look with a colored accessory, I did it with a blue navy bag which becomes like the spotlight of the whole look. 

Maxi coats, leather details, camel boots, denim and neck ties! 
These are some inspirational items I've found for the fall-winter trends, They are not only present on the runways around the world, they are on the streets too. I just want all of them! :D
Get inspired with the latest fashion to make your own fall-winter style. At the end is all about you, just take the pieces you like an add some colour to your look. Be creative with this season which came with lot of ideas and trends. 

1-camel Boots from DEEZE.PL 2-Leather & wool coat from MIGUELANTOINNE.COM. 3-Denim with patchwork from NET-A-PORTER.COM. 4-maxi coat from SHOP.ACNESTUDIOS.COM. 5-Blue leather bag from HARVEYNICHOLS.COM. 6-Bow tie white shirt from LINDEX.COM. 7- Eiffel tower for home from PBTEEN.COM. 8-Denim with denim from SHOPNASTYGAL.COM. 9- Black coat from ZALANDO.CO.UK 

Monday, September 9, 2013

I XXX Amsterdam!

Because good girls go to heaven...and bad girls go to Amsterdam! That's why we've decided moving to Amsterdam :D

Stunning, beautiful, awesome, outstanding, crazy, naughty, inspiring, artistic! I could use thousands of positive adjectives to describe one of the most beautiful places I've seen in the world; I could even dedicate all this  blog writing about how beautiful is this place. It's definitely the city to visit, and you would love to stay there for the rest of your life...! 
The Netherlands is a country ubicated between Belgium and Germany. It's a small country, however is full of contrasts between each city and every place. The first impression I had there is how perfect and beautiful is every detail, It looks like a country made by artists and done to be pretty on purpose.  
The famous Dutch tulips! The first reason to fall in love with Holland.
In The Netherlands you don't have to go so far to get inspired... Every place gives you something completely different, Amsterdam is another world comparing with the Dutch countryside, both are amazing in their own way. But I always have the feeling there are so much things going on around me. The city has a lot of things to do, the city center is huge and you find thousands of places to see, museums to enjoy, things to buy, bikes to ride of course! and In the meantime why not smoke a joint...?  

...You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a bike!
If you are a shoe lover like every woman in the world you should complete your collection with a pair of Dutch Klompen! It's so fashionable :D
Everyone has the existential doubt about how to call the country, For me it took like 3 months to realize if It's Holland or The Netherlands...?  :D Holland is just part of the country and part of the 12 provinces where Amsterdam is ubicated. And it's not even Holland! the correct name is North Holland. The country is named The Netherlands! :) 
Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin.
(trying to be philosophic...) 
I was shocked by the first time I saw the houses in Amsterdam... There are actually inclined! You would thing you are really 'high' as you are seeing the houses almost falling, but is not the weed fault. It really looks like they are going to collapse, and you know what's the worst thing about it? It's actually done on purpose as an architectural design to be able to move up furnitures through the windows, they are so freak!! :O

In Amsterdam is impossible not to take pictures without a bike in the background... They are everywhere...It's a plague of them... There is even the statistic that there are more bikes than the population of the city :D We just love it! 
The Dutch people have such a style at making nice a bike, they really work on that, and there are even shops where they just sale fancy stuffs for bikes, It's a work of art for them! We love it! 

                                      THE DUTCH LOOK...

The women in The Netherlands are stunning! they have a casual and very feminine style, They know how to be sexy and how to look nice riding a bike, (Which I think is almost impossible...) but they can do it! They can go to work by bike and still look perfect for the rest of the day. They even know how to ride a bike with heels! The Dutch women look always strong with a strong personality, dressing always to draw attention without wanting it. 
They don't use to wear crazy fashion, their style always is clean,simple and chic. 
They just love wearing leather jackets, perfect for the windy and rainy weather in The Netherlands; A scarf is a mandatory piece in their closet. I recognize immediately a Dutch woman walking on the street like a star, with their expensive glasses and an elegant fancy bag. Also always wearing skinny jeans and perfect shoes which are usually boots. 

1. Jacket cotton and leather from -2. Scarf from -3. Red leather bag from
1. Leather jacket from -2. Black boots from h&m -3.Skinny jeans from Mango
1. Scarf animal print from -2. Shirt from -3. Black bag from

My Amsterdam Instagram

Something you didn't know about Amsterdam...
The 'XXX' is the official symbol of the city, It's a sexual domain which everyone loves...! And it can be seen all over town, but it's actually just a coincidence. Each 'X' means the enemies that the city had throughout history: Fire, floods and plague.