Monday, April 14, 2014

The Art School


‘The Art School' is a small collection that I’ve created couple of months ago when I got extremely inspired by the Pop Art movement; I wanted to include imagery, bright colours and a kind of personal symbolism which is a representative characteristic of Pop Art. The entirely outfit has been created by me, except for the shoes. 
My inspiration came from thinking about a young art student from the 60’s in the U.K, one of the members of the ‘Independent Group’ who was a young painter boosting its love for expression and prevailing traditional views of art. 
Inspiration moodboard

Initial designs and colour palette
The strong attitude that Pop Art shows influenced me to experiment with Denim to make an asymmetric skirt cutting the fabric and changing its order. Also, the utilisation of images and the kitschy style which Pop Art brings gave me the idea of painting a basic shirt with a message written ‘I love art’ in a funny way using school tools as a font. The jumper is the result of my hand knitted work, the sleeves and the neck have been exaggerated to give a sense of rebellion, and it is also the piece that gives all the colouring to the look. The bag is the piece that I like more because I literally took a real frame that I attached to simple laptop bag, I screwed to the bag and then I framed a famous Roy Lichtenstein painting, so it looks like you are holding a real painting on its framework. 

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  1. I'm really proud of you! I love absolutely all your creations.Congratulations! and this skirt is crazy :D