Saturday, June 15, 2013

Artist Workstation

My Workstation....The place where an artist spend most of the time, I could spend the rest of my life there without moving :P Here I show some of the things that I use to do there. I just try to experiment with colors, prints, fabrics, sketches! The true is that not always something nice come out, every artist knows how difficult is to get what you really want to create. Sometimes I just don't feel like inspired or sometimes you realised that it looks better on your mind than in real, or suddenly I've just got a nice idea without working so hard on that!

My best tool is my sketchbook, I think is the best way to develop ideas and any time that I 've got something cool on my mind I draw it and I start working on that. The best way to get inspiration is always to look around and look for the work that someone else is doing, I mean, you have to be curious and gossip about it.  So here I found a nice website where I found the most beautiful sketchbooks by different artists, I just wish to have mine like these ones! this kind of websites always help me a lot to get ideas and in some way to compare my own work, I think is always important to try to be more ambitious with your ideas.

The beginning of my brand.

the making of, some initials designs that I've started painting 

Doing comics! 

Working on my Fashion portfolio. 

Through these pictures I can recognize my style and how it changes everytime, I like playing with colors and I like more to put always female details to every piece. So that's what I get at the end, a lot of experimentation around my workstation! :)

Friday, June 14, 2013


Finally! after all the time I've been far away, I've been so much into my own world that I've just stopped doing most of the things I really like. Anyway it was just s break, because I take this time to get more inspiration and learn new things.
I had moved to another new country, The Netherlands! A beautiful and magic place that gave me so many ideas and lot of new experiences. I think traveling change so much your own personality and vission, that I feel everytime like a new person. My artistic vission change so much everytime...everywhere!