Tuesday, August 27, 2013


In the Republic of Ireland is called -Derry-, while the United Kingdom called -Londonderry- yeah!! I never know how to call the places here :) so let's call it London! It is a little cozy town in Northern Ireland, It's the perfect place to visit and just disconnect from the world; That's the place we have visited during the last weekend. We wanted to know more about the beautiful landscape in Northern Ireland and also we wanted to relax, scape from the city, have a Guinness and 'criticize' a bit the look of the Irish girls :D 'which is our favorite hobby.'
Going by trein or bus from Belfast we got there pretty fast, the trip is really quiet and could be so inspiring... on one side you are looking at the green mountains and the sheeps jumping around, and on the other side the beautiful and 'hot' Irish sea. But it gives you the perfect enviroment to feel free, cool and happy. 

'My traveling outfit' was taken in the last minute, I decided to wear kind of freak combination. half elegant and half sporty. One part of me wanted to go to the gym, and the other part wanted to go for a fancy trip. But actually this trend could be quite interesting if you know how to combine it correctly. 
I just didn't want to carry on any luggage, so I combined a High school jacket with denim shorts to wear during the trip; and then, at the moment of visiting the town I changed completely the outfit wearing a Pencil black skirt. The best thing in life is being practical, even in Fashion. 

Of course we took advantage of the situation to do some street photography. 

Ohh! Street fashion in Londonderry! I think they are a bit vintage... Just a little bit (...300 years...)

And we couldn't miss the Pub! so vintage, so Irish, so alcoholic, we love going and have a Guinness listening to the Irish traditional music.

The protagonist of the weekend, I wanted to take more pictures of him, but he moved a lot! Anyway was so good model, so hot! :D 

The Craft Village in Londonderry is definitely one of the best places in the town. I've got crazy with every artistic detail they put there, looks like a piece of  land dedicated to the art. Also you can find designer's shops and high gourmet restaurants. 

I took like 100 hunderd of pictures to this woman, actually she looks so tired of me on this picture :P sorry! but I couldn't resist, she was beautiful and also the enviroment was so classic and historical. The town itself is exotic and special. They knew how to celebrate a feast day! 

The famous walls of Northern Ireland. They are still painted in almost every house.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Street Photography Gallery

Street photography means looking at the places that surround us, it doesn't has to be the street, could be anything you find around, It's extremely hard... just trying to capture the world that is around you, but is really interesting at the same time. It is something already considered as a genre of photography where you observe and capture social interaction, and at the moment is the most appealing to me; that's why I'm so obsessed whit this kind of photography, and after months of practicing finally I've got at least some knowledge. I realized how much practice and patience it requieres, and specially how much personality you need, I always try to fight with the shyness, since I am in the middle of the street photographying at everyone, you really feel observed and afraid to get in trouble, because not everyone wants a 'paparazzi' taking pictures of you... many times I've got an angry person screaming at me for that...sorry! :D

All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking...

Here I show some pictures we took the other day, are actually just a small gallery from a random day that we decided to go out and take a kind of street photography and fashion photography, the thing I really like about a photo gallery is the story behind every picture and at the end it tells a whole story, I really enjoy that part. 

The time, the frame, the culture, the architecture...all of those are key aspects for Street Photography, work in everything and have eyes to look at everyone, sometimes is more important to pay attention and  'just look' then you will get in your mind the images you want or the taste you'll have to do your own photography. It's very important to be patience and wait...and wait... It is very good technique to stay in some point for a long time and visualize the enviroment, look at the alive objects and take different versions of the same frame, for sure you will get several options and at least one would be good enough.

I like the shots where you play with shadows, lights and details. In a way of  small scenes, it always can tells a story, also because the rest of the photography is in your imagination and it gives curiosity and also an interesting touch to the picture.

This guy was in front of a Pub, and he asked me to take a picture of him, I love this kind of people! they make my job so much easier! :P haha. And most of the times they know how to pose to get a great shot.

My first street photography was really bad, specially because I was super shy and I took the pictures really fast, so all of them came out very blurry and not interesting at all, the most important thing is just to go out and get inspired by the world, whatever you find nice, don't be afraid to photograph. Just take your camera and experiment, is the best way to improve, and the Street Photography will be always a good opportunity to have fun :D