Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Repent! An outfit by me

‘Repent’ is a representation of an outfit inspired by an isolated and warm place, I imagined a deserted place in the U.S in the 70’s to highlight the sensuality of the woman, but where the woman from the working class yearns for being independent bringing an outfit which shows a strong personality. I played with retro elements and the red T-shirt is the result of my hand painted design in black and white using an stencil as a guide. The vest is one of the most interesting pieces I have created, it is the result of an old pair of Levi’s jeans that I have transformed taking the back part of male's jeans and adjusting it as a vest and adding zippers. The shorts are part of one of my transformed pieces as well, I took a pair of old shorts that I consequently cut and sewn again to make them high and give a feminine shape to the body, I also had added the zippers on the borders:like pockets and seams to make the design more aggressive and interesting. This photo shoot represents some pieces that I’ve been transforming and working with. Thanks to this hobby of changing clothes and converting them I improved a lot my sewing skills! It can be a great idea for you as well to change and transform old pieces at adjusting them, at the same time that you are being ecological; you can easily get a very interesting design that would be really appreciated, you may just need the right time and creativity to make it work, so why don't you try!? :)

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