Monday, October 14, 2013

Belfast Fashion week

The fancy hotel! It was a royal paradise, there was just missing Paris Hilton :p  
My Fashion Look for the day! A bit dramatic and classic. 
Jimmy Choo shoes, a piece of art! (by the way...They were super cheap! :o)
Minimalistic dress, loved it! and a big red coat, very chic! 
Animal print coat, super glamorous! especially with a pair of  black leggings. Jumper and coat, perfect winter combination. 
I felt in love with the set. It is so beutiful and sexy. Also the  masculine look composed  by  a buttons shirt and a dark blazer  perfectly combined with high heels. 
Dress and leggings, really femenine! And one of my favorite designs, the asymmetric blue coat. 
Enjoying the Fashion week with one of my best fashionista friend :) Sazemina! She is awesome! Great talent, nice point of view and she also blogs her ideas. 

Belfast! :) A place not very well known in Fashion, but with a great emerging talent! 
This was the spotlight city on the last weekend, where the Fashion Week was celebrated with great catwalks, original designs and beautiful models! (by the way...also nice cocktails...) 
The runway was full of elegance and glamour. Every model reminds me a bit of  the 50's fashion where 'being chic' was the main purpose and the woman was looking extremely imposing . Brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Victoria Beckham, Gucci and Jimmy Choo introduced their latest pieces to the public. 

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