Monday, October 21, 2013

Καλημέρα Ελλάδα!

Hi everybody! :) And welcome to Greece! One of the most beautiful and relaxing places in the world...
This is one of the latest sketches I've done. I got inspired by all the beauty I found in this country; and I am very happy with the result. I really love sketching cities, and I also like sketching beautiful models; so I tried to make the combination of both things, which is a bit of a challenge. (technique: Pencil, fine marker and colored pencils.)
Greece is exactly as you can see here... The whole country is blue and white, that's why is so easy to get inspired by this place... The ancient enviroment and marvelous history make you feel so amazed by the country, but at the same time it has a very cozy energy. it's so relaxing and happy...Greece is the place where you don't do just live and relax, laying on the beach, drinking a cold coffee below the amazing blue sky. 

Souvlaki! something that you cannot miss in Greece, it's a delicious food, cheap and tasty ;) and of course! Don't get surprised when you see hundred of street cats on every corner of Greece.
University of Athens. (In such a beautiful university I would never concentrate... )
Athens Flea Market. The perfect place to spend the whole day, shopping and drinking coffee looking at the Acropolis. 
That's Greece! 

Definitely, Greece is one of this places to visit. I cannot describe it with words. I just can say that is one of the places where I felt more comfortable and happy. Living in Greece is completely different than being a tourist there. But even spending at least one week of your life in that country is going to make you feel so good and inspired that you would like to stay there and spend the rest of your life :) 
I am currently traveling around Italy. Another wonderful place to get inspired with. Where I am spending all my holidays sketching  and sitting in front of  beautiful buildings and great architecture to sketch them. Soon you will see more creations by me. 

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