Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Exactly as the flag; Greece is all white and blue. The place where I started my travel around Europe, the magic place... Difficult to describe in words my experience there, because everything in Greece is so special... ok, sometimes could be a little bit freak... but is fun! :)

When you get there, you get surprised with the beauty and this special charm that Greece has in everything. 
You really fall in love with the color of  the sky, I´m not exaggerating... really! the sky has this perfect blue, that looks like a painting made intentionally to keep living there just to see the sky for the rest of your life. Absolutely... Greece is beaches everywhere! the beaches are awesome, and you can see thousand of colors in every centimeter that the beaches have.

 Is a beautiful country, and I can talk a lot about the food...the sky..the beaches... the islands. But I prefer to start with the particular things that are appealing to me. And I describe my vision about it with three different levels: Freak and very nice. 


One thing that really surprise me is the particular thing that the Greeks use to play with their hands  every time, is like a little collar that they keep moving and playing, that sometimes stress me... but the strange thing is that they have this addiction in the blood. The funny thing is that I bought one because I found it really nice! but we still don't know why they do that.


Greece is coffee! If you are planning to go to there and you are a girl. Take these tips. Remember that go for coffee in Greece means go for a date. You will find a lot of guys inviting you for coffee and asking for your phone in the middle of the street even if you don't know them at all, I didn't see that in other places

The Greeks invented the theater so still you will find the people talking loudly and having discussions when they have lunch or coffee... is pretty normal to see them so much into the conversation. 


En Greece there is always time for a coffee. I love it! The typical Greek coffee is the Frappe and they are in love with the cold coffee, you find it everywhere and everybody walks with this coffee in their hands walking around the city. It inspires me a lot to be relax and enjoy each moment having a coffee and looking at the Acropolis. 

Definitely the food! excellent yogurt, Olives, oil, wine, salads, feta cheese and the best ever: the Souvlaki
The life is so fun, Greece has something that makes you like so much this place, I don't know if are the ruins, the beach, the sky, the Greek guys or the history, but is special, and you always want to come back again. 
The Ancient Agora.
Athens Flea Market. Monastiraki.

Agistri Island!

Art in Athens
 When you have a walk around Athens you can find a lot of inspiration around, and loads of Graffities everywhere! has very strong urban style, and in neighborhoods like Plaka or Monastiraki is nice to see the ruins and classic sculptures mixed with painted walls and modern style



Tuesday, January 22, 2013


As a young fashion designer I´m always trying to get inspirations from everything. like travels, visiting museums, walking around, having a coffee or just watching a video, everything! By now I share some of my favorite images that I always use to feel inspired and then draw on my sketchbook. 

Rock´n roll style, flattery, and black.

Vintage, with pastels and leather. 

Nicolas Malinowski
Abstract Art, Conceptual.

Methaphysical Art, Giorgio Di Chirico. Illogical contexts, unreal lights and colors, unnatural static

Retro Style, Pop Art, prints and colors everywhere!

Wild and colorful. Textures and materials inspired in nature. Took from

Sketchbook  that makes me draw! Images and colors in a unusual way.

Abstract Fashion illustration. By Jeffrey Campbell

A colored City is happiness in every corner! the amazing town center in Reykjavik
Glamorous and Sophisticated. Leather, prints = Elegance. Took from