Tuesday, January 22, 2013


As a young fashion designer I´m always trying to get inspirations from everything. like travels, visiting museums, walking around, having a coffee or just watching a video, everything! By now I share some of my favorite images that I always use to feel inspired and then draw on my sketchbook. 

Rock´n roll style, flattery, and black.

Vintage, with pastels and leather. 

Nicolas Malinowski
Abstract Art, Conceptual.

Methaphysical Art, Giorgio Di Chirico. Illogical contexts, unreal lights and colors, unnatural static

Retro Style, Pop Art, prints and colors everywhere!

Wild and colorful. Textures and materials inspired in nature. Took from

Sketchbook  that makes me draw! Images and colors in a unusual way.

Abstract Fashion illustration. By Jeffrey Campbell

A colored City is happiness in every corner! the amazing town center in Reykjavik
Glamorous and Sophisticated. Leather, prints = Elegance. Took from  

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  1. I love u work but is so american... jajaja Untruth, your blog is so beatiful and artistic. I like it!♥