Sunday, September 22, 2013

Just draw your Fashion!

Fashion is an imposition, a reign on freedom.
A relaxing autumn afternoon... sketching and getting inspired by my own outfit, and then, create Fashion Illustration! It is definitely one of the most appealing things to me. 
Fashion Illustration has the power to catch everyone! by the beauty of fashion represented in an artistic way, using different art techniques. 
It is the communication of Fashion through painting and drawing used for adverstising and promotion for fashion markets, but also serves as a form of art. It turns into a very interesting way to get the perfect mixture between art and fashion. 

Fashion Illustration is a big challenge! You have to be careful with every detail, the body and the clothes always have to look perfect, and it's a bit difficult to get that; It's not only the drawing, at the end don't forget that you are also trying to sell the outfit and the model should look like a top model! That's why it needs a lot of practice. 
My best exercise is to look at the magazines and take the pictures I like, then, I do my best to create a copy of that picture with good proportions, but always keeping my style of drawing. It's all about practicing and playing with photos and papers. Also, after you get the practice, you start creating your own models and fashion designs, I think it's a great tool to be used in fashion portfolios and sketchbooks. You really learn how to show your vision as a designer.   

Actually, this form of illustration'd started 500 years ago, since clothes have been in existence, and we didn't have photography. 
By the time when Photography was not easy and popular at all, and it also required a lot of work. So, the best way to advertise, and make a kind of 'fashion magazines' was sketching the models and doing publicity for Fashion which was only illustrated. Can you imagine the VOGUE magazine done all with sketches...? :O It would be awesome! :D 

Just draw your Fashion now! and play with your art. 
The use of Fashion Illustration has declined a lot, since the Fashion magazines started to replace the covers with photographic images that had been edited. At the end, there is nothing compared with the real art that comes from your mind, and I belive that fashion illustration is more spontaneous and gives you the opportunity to show your creativity. There are no limits to draw fashion and show an amazing design through illustration that will be unique. 

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