Thursday, October 3, 2013

Inspired by nature...

Because nature is not a place to visit... it is home! 

Nature is the place where I feel completely free and's the right place to sketch and why not? to bring some fashion as well!

Every artist knows how magical could be working surrounded by nature, let's not say every artist... I think everyone! It's just a truly source of inspiration, the way to take out all your energy while you clean your soul, at the same time it's the place to realized how many beautiful things are here on this world, that's why we should take advantage of it, and go away at least for one day and enjoy a great trip next to the person you love!
That's what we've done a few days ago, and we took these marvelous pictures in a 'very usual' sunny day in Northern Ireland :) This place is exactly ubicated in the coast of Antrim; home of one of the nicest sites of World Heritage -The Giant Causeway- :O 

Nobody there knew exactly the explanation for these cute and mistery rocks... :D But I found the theory!  It is actually the result of a volcanic activity produced 60 million years ago... when highly fluid molten basalt intruded through chalk beds to form an extensive lava base. As the lava cooled rapidly, contraction occurred, leaving this weird horizontal columns.

I thought these telephone cabins where an urban symbol, but finding them around the Irish countryside is such a surprise! It looks even nicer ;) 

We want to bring fashion everywhere! even in the countryside we've got inspired by the cool enviroment to get this outfit. We were really lucky to get this marvelous blue sky and finally a sunny day in Northern Ireland! that's why the outfit has a lot of blue details like the scarf, the jeans and the hat. The skinny jeans are a great way to give some shape to the body when you are wearing a big coat. A HAT! is for sure the protagonist piece of the season, an also gives a dramatic touch to your look. The big scarf in wool from H&M is definitely my favorite piece; its colours and the print are the perfect combination for almost every coat and its big shape shows strenght to your look. My proposal is to wear this kind of scarves with a wide belt around, that's how you can keep your autumn look very feminine. 


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