Sunday, July 28, 2013

Coffee and design

We love this design, every coffee has an essence, in every culture is different that's the amazing thing about drinking coffee  around the world. took from

Like the wine for the philosophers, the coffee for the artists! :)
Coffee time.. the best time of the day, the perfect plan to do at any hour. A caf√©, more than a place is a beautiful space to get inspired and relax, to sit quiet and why not!? To smoke a joint as well! Specially in Amsterdam, where we found around the Red Light District a very special and inspiring place to drink coffee. But is not a Coffeeshop, they don't sell weed! :O Just coffee. But anyway, If you enjoy shopping and drinking coffee afterwards, that's the right place!  'koko' coffee and design, Is an art shop, where you can find clothes, bags, paintings and more works of art made by different designers and artists. At the same time you can just lay down in a sofa and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while you think what do I want to buy here? everything! :)
In every new place you go, the key is always to try a cup of coffee there, sit down and observe a bit the people. That's something very cultural, in every city will be a different experience and is the best way to think, and take some rest, just have a quiet moment in the middle of your day.

Dedicated for all the coffee lovers! We are so freak, we know it... :P

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