Saturday, July 27, 2013

Irish beer tastes the best in Ireland

Hi! say hello to Belfast! A city ubicated in Northern Ireland. Is weird because is Ireland but it supposed to be U.K, but for me is Ireland, but for the rest is U.K, and at the end, I don't know where we are...! :O
Anyway, is a beautiful city, where we could find thousands of interesting things and people. Some street photography helped us to discover more the place, and we try to do our best to show it.
We love about Belfast that is a very cheap place to go, you can find for amazing prices everything you are looking for. Perfect place for shopping!
In summer the city town has a great enviroment, the City Council is open during the day and let the people come in to enjoy the place and lay down on the grass. That's one of the coolest things you can do to relax at anytime during the day. 
In the left: one attempt of the Big Ben, in the right the best! Guinness!  one of the nicest beers we've tried. Everybody says that a Guinness in Ireland tastes the best, and we believe it, Is completely true, the experience of going to an Irish pub here, listen to the local music having a Guinness has no price.
Sheeps....! everywhere!  that's Ireland :)

What a style they have in their Taxis!  love it! 
Belfast's peace walls. Symbols of division and hatred.

A lovely weekend at the Saint George's Market. Is the last surviving  victorian covered market. Something you have to visit for sure.
Gay pride Day in Belfast! 

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