Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Florence! Too much art, too much food...

Ciao ragazzi! and welcome to Florence! The city of art and inspiration...

There are things in life that you must do before dying, one of those things is for sure visiting Italy, The country of magic and pasta! :D 
The first place we've visited in italy was the amazing city of Florence. This wonderful place is considered as the birthplace of the Reinassance (home of artists like: Michelangelo Buonarroti, Leonardo Da Vinci, Dante Alighieri, Leon Battista Alberti...and the list is longer...) Florence is one of the most artistic places in the world and also an important city in Italian fashion, being ranked on the top fashion capitals in the world. 

Duomo di Firenze. Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. Begun in 1296 in a Gothic style. 

Florence is this kind of places that you never will forget. It's incredible how much art there is around. It really looks like the whole city is done to be an outdoor museum where you don't need to pay for the just need to get there! 
In Florence everyone is painting, sketching, playing music, doing pictures, eating pasta or just drinking wine  under the beautiful blue Italian sky while you sit in front of thousands of incomparable sculptures. 
Now that I think about this place...I regret I didn't stay there! :O

Piazza della Signoria.  What we love about this place, Is the fact that it's full of art pieces and you can sit to drink a cup of coffee outside while you enjoy all these masterpieces. 
That's Italian style! Spontaneus and cool, that's a real Italian man! 
That's another Italian style... Love it! This classic but really nasty art drives me crazy!  
Everybody paints in Florence! This is a tipical image of the city. 
What a surprise! more artists in Florence! :o 
David by Michelangelo, the masterpiece of the Renaissance. ( ...I cried when I saw it, and it is just a replica :p ) the original sculpture was moved to the Accademia Gallery  to conserve it. 

What we loved! 
In Florence we found very interesting and nice things, one of those were the Restaurants of's Italy! 
You don't know how Italy is a country of food until you get there. It's amazing how good is the meal and how the Italians enjoy this pleasure. La Trattoria Mario is one of this marvelous places that really inspired us. It is a place where you don't reserve before, you just go and you wait a bit until there is a place for you, but the place absolutelly deserves your time. It's possible that you can share the table with someone else that you don't know (I cannot deny it was a bit freak for me...) but that's what makes the place so original and spontaneous. You will not spend a bunch of money there and the food has no comparison! 

The Fashion!  Florence is also a city of inspiration and style. The city has the only museum in Italy dedicated to fashion and its history Galleria del Costume,  there you can find thousands of clothes, accesories and pieces trough the years and more pieces by famous designers, it's incredibly inspiring and the paradise for a woman!  If you have more time, you can even visit the Salvatore Ferragamo museum and the Gucci museum. Florence is definitely the place to make shopping, to eat, to party, to get inspired with, and to be happy... 


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