Sunday, August 11, 2013


The iconic British symbol throughout the world ' the public telephone kiosk' is today the source of inspiration for taking pictures around. Is impossible not to miss it with its great design and iconic shape. That's why not only me, everyone else is in love with this urban and familiar sight on the streets of the United Kingdom.
Actually I was sure that I just could find it in London, but walking around Belfast I saw it, and I just got crazy with it! Like every tourist, I think :D
This cabin box is not only particular in the U.K, also in different British colonies around the world, like Malta, Bermuda and Gibraltar. In the recent years have been disappearing almost all of them, that's why the only one we could photograph is very old and worn, but this makes it even more interesting and special.
Is already a symbol of history and style, when was created in 1924 by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott inspired by the police boxes.

The artistic design of the public telephone is not an accident was actually the result of many people competing since 1923 to introduce a kiosk that would be acceptable by the London Metropolitan Boroughs and then selected by the Royal Fine Art Commission, after many attempts they couldn't  find anything good enough to take as a Phone kiosk. When finally they invited three respected architects to see their works. The winner was the red telephone box that we know until now and is still where it was placed the first time at the entrance of the Royal Academy in London. 

OUT OF ORDER BY DAVID MACH, made in 1988 as a part of the landscaping for the new Relief Road. took from

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