Wednesday, August 14, 2013


For anyone is not a secret how fashionably is being the 'paper tape' for this season, is the spotlight on every art shop and the main tool for a creative notebook, is because we might find it so beautiful and fun, and at the same time is something cheap, practical and easy to use; that's why we didn't have any doubt about using it in the most strange way possible and we decided to pimp our gadgets using the paper tape!

-The materials-  For this beautiful project you will need:  first of all a computer obviously... If you don't have your own, don't have any doubts about taking your boyfriend's laptop, he will be very happy :)
You also will need the paper tapes, you can find them in every art supplies shop or rather on internet, (SmashBook* is one of the coolest brands, and you can even find complete kits to build your own creative stuffs with several materials ) after you've got the tape and the Laptop the rest will be pretty easy, just get your permanent marker and scissors! And let's get it started! 

You can start studying a bit the keyboard of your computer to don't make any mistake at the moment of covering your keys. Then, cut in a piece of paper the patern of the square taking the right measure of the keys on your keyboard, and start cutting one by one while you begin unrolling the tape, Is even easier if you cut one by one and you put it straight away on the keyboard, and then, you write with the permanent marker the right letter or number when is already on the key, Jut make sure that your computer is switch off and don't put to many weight on your laptop while you do it, with time the tape gonna stay perfectly attached to the computer, if it  stays closed for a while. I recommend to do this D.I.Y on a rainy and lazy sunday, since you need a lot of patience to cut every little square of paper tape :) once you have all the keyboard covered with tape and with the letters written you just have to paint a bit the tape around the corners carefully  with a transparent nail polish to make it stronger and it will last long time. 

The screen of the IOS devices tend to break very easily ( mine is not the exception) so when it happened  I've got nervous and I didn't know how to fix it, or better.. how to hide it. So I used the paper tape as a technical solution :)  and it came out in a very artistic way. 

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