Friday, August 16, 2013

At the Irish door...

Rustic, chic and colorful doors are the beautiful charm of Ireland. There is a strong contrast between the usual grey sky and the bright paints on the doors, and it gives a huge inspiration and lot of influence at the moment of choosing outfits and photographing them.
Northern Ireland is not the exception and thanks to the Irish influence they also got the interesting tradition about the doors. At the beginning we thought it was just a coincidence, but actually then you realize how many colorful doors you find in random places around the city.

The image of  neutral and serious houses have a strong accent with intense and bright colors on the doors with Georgian architecture, wich was done on purpose to counteract the monotony of the Georgian buildings.
This artistic touch has a funny story behind it; the urban legend says that the doors were painted in order to avoid the drunk people to get into the wrong house when they come back from the pub. Because long time ago in Dublin a drunk man came home very dizzy and made love with his 'wife', but the morning after he realized was the house next door and he'd slept with the neighbor instead of his wife.
Afterwards, his wife painted the door in a bright red to avoid her husband to get confused again.

In Northern Ireland the vintage enviroment with retro elements (like old shops, taxis, painted walls and street fashion) and facts like the rainy weather and colorful spotlights make you wear dramatic and elegant outfits, combined with timeless classics like hats, jackets and black boots plus clean accesories.

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  1. So interesting and beautiful post! Th story about the Irish colorful doors is really fun :D