Sunday, August 18, 2013

Life's too short to wear boring clothes

During a rainy and cold day (very weird in Ireland... :P) we found the perfect moment to take some pictures as always...! We wanted so much to make a kind of fashion photography with a cool look, but in the middle of the photoshoot we had to stop for the rain, the weather is the enemy of every photographer! But in this case we realized how cool and positive could be the fact that is raining for your pictures, and that was the inspiration for the day! It's Rainy fashion photography! 
The dramatic scene, cold atmosphere and romantic and quiet enviroment is completely outstanding at the moment of taking shots. It's a very good advantage to play with the settings of the camera and get better results to capture good photos. 

The light that the sky produces after the rain is pretty good, you just have to be careful with the shadows, but most of the times is perfect to capture little details and get interesting reflections, producing mirrors, highlights and mixtures of colors.

The outfit is a bit dramatic and tribal. The large knitted cardigan is combined with a belt to give a feminine shape to the body, plus skinny ice jeans to give more priority to the legs, the black boots and the leather bag are completely IN for the autumn season.  It's always nice to combine leather, jeans and knitted clothes together, it makes a very clean and timeless outfit, the hat is a 'must' for the next season and complements
perfectly the garment, while the accesories give more elegance. 

My photographer :) love his work!

After some researchs on internet about 'photography with rain' we found very good material to get inspired with excellent examples of pictures, the 'rainy photography' is almost a movement and is a very good way to find out new ways to experiment with the camera, so the next time is raining go out and take your wonderful pictures! without destroying your camera ;)  


  1. Wonderful outfit...I like your pretty blog.^^
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    1. Hi! thanks!
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