Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Take some pieces of dream and make art...


Going on internet or looking at the magazines is something that you really can enjoy when you look for stuffs to get inspired with; images, topics, runways, collections, even the recipes...could be anything! I really like to do that, and then according to the material I've found. I elaborate my outfits and my artworks in a 'mood board' I've created before. It is the best way to wear what you want, with your personal touch in an artistic way. Just feel inspired by the things you like and build your style around that. 

Intense colours, combined with animal prints, some leather and high heels in a neutral colour to give it more elegance, that's exactly my inspirational look for today! :) It is the outfit that I usually wear during the day, to go for a coffee and shopping on a street market, or also if there is an art gallery exposition, it is a more formal occasion and a cool opportunity to wear this outfit.

The colorful outfits are very 'IN' for this season, especially now that we are at the end of the summer and beginning of autumn, it is the moment to wear with a bright attitude! when you need a comfortable look in pleasant colours and you want to be feel the spotlight on the street.
The elegant pieces like blazers, pants or pencil skirts are very impressive and interesting combination when they are in very bright colours, it is because the effect of something done to be formal turns into a 'classy' piece with an informal and young touch. 

My daily mood board  for my today's look is composed by street art pictures and grafitties because the artistic and playful  touch it gives, it inspires me to take shots on the street and feel free around the city...The animal print gives more strenght to the colour, and the ice jeans gives the perfect touch to shade a bit the colour. The accesories and a maxi bag are the details wich complement the street style for a more glamorous impression, to give power to the outfit. Plus high heels always in a soft colour, otherwise your look would be too overloaded. 

High heels  on a neutral colour, perfect with pieces on bright combinations to give it more life! 

Sketchbook by a fashion student at the London School of Fashion
Denim inspiration 
Fashion photography by Jeffrey Cambell Shoes

Fashion illustration wearing a similar style
Part of a portfolio by a fashion student at the London College of Fashion
Graffitti picture from Jeffrey Campbell  Shoes campaign 


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  2. Love your look! The inspirations are also great, I like the idea with the moodboard and how you play with that; make your look on this base.