Friday, August 9, 2013

SinMente Laboratory!

 Hoi! Welcome to our Art Laboratory, SinMente ('mindless') is our inspirational word to create and live fashion in all its ways. We believe in the beauty of handmade pieces, in the charm of original things and also in the talent of young people doing avant-garde movements. We find inspiration in every place...every corner; specially in all the people that surround us, and street fashion created by the own people on the street. We believe so much in the power of photography as a tool to call the entire world, and in fashion as a weapon to show the huge creative part of your soul, We love to make new pieces everytime, even more when we know that it will be the first and the last one, because our handmade work is unrepeatable. SinMente  is  the attitude how we create all our products, with love, passion and lot of inspiration! 

First sketches... Summer season made us think about the blue sea, and South American motifs. 
Shoes and women are a big part of our mood board, is beacuse the women love shoes and is impossible not to catch their attention with a pair of high heels as a print. 
Little handpainted bag with Union Jack flag, for winter collection.
A beautiful word in beautiful languages...  :D

My dreams...!


  1. Really i love everything that u do. Ure an inspiration person, i luv u so much n congratulations by so talented you have