Sunday, September 1, 2013

*My chiffon bow neck tie*

The summer is ending... we become nostalgic and quiet. Little by little we start packing the skirts and the sandals and you start putting them in the most hidden part of  your closet; then we start buying winter boots and coats instead of glasses and shorts! :o I hate this moment, I really wish to stay in summer time at least for a couple of months more, that's why I would love to run away to Greece and live under the sun for the rest of my life. Anyway I am in Ireland so let's live under the rain! :) at the end is fun to change and discover a new fashion trend every season. 
My weekly outfit is precisely dedicated to the autumn that is coming... the innocent and quiet part of my style mixed with some strong elements like hats and leather leggings. The protagonist of the day is the 'chiffon bow neck tie!' ( It has a very easy and short name...) It's definitely a great piece  for the season that is coming. 

The chiffon bow neck tie is actually a very easy accessory to make. It can change completely an outfit and it is a very sweet and elegant detail. You can even take a piece of fabric tape and put it around the collar on your shirt. It has to be a bit width and long, and it's done! then you are free to play with your outfit. 

My advice is always to combine this kind of outfits with some masculine pieces, like a blazer and some leather. It just gives a touch to the garment, and at the end it doesn't look too sweet or too girly, you keep it simple and sophisticated.  

My inspiration -mood board- for this outfit: On the right a fashion illustration made by an illustrator and blogger Drawntostyle, and on the left a fashion quote by Yves Saint Laurent.

'There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people' 

My pastel color palette. The sepia images, vintage style and the natural enviroment inspires me to create this outfit. took from

Black hat, H&M - Collar Shirt, Bershka- Black leggings, Calzedonia- Gray blazer, Bershka-
Leather bag, Zara-

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