Thursday, September 5, 2013

An artsy corner at home...

Inspiration comes from inside, but definitely the space around you is crucial to develop your creativity... As an artist I used to pay a lot of attention to the place where I am; a place where I feel comfortable and inspired to work, I try little by little to build my own studio to have a specific place to work on my art. Anyway the worst thing about traveling is that I never can get a specific place at home for that, and I just go around with few stuffs on my luggage. I dream of the day I can stay in one place for long and I will create my own fashion studio!  But actually the experience of traveling and having this kind of problem with space helped me to realize how easy and cheap can be to decorate and improvise an awesome place to feel always like at home. I've  created a little gallery with some indoor pictures I took in my moments of inspiration, where I just used a few pounds to buy materials and a bit of creativity to change completely the space at home   :D 

Why should you put  always a boring side table? Actually I just found a cheap chair! :p And I love it next to the bed, It looks a bit freak but it's a great idea if you don't want to be 'normal' and have the classical side table with drawers. 


Buying some vinyls could be a great idea to do thousands of retro decorations at home, it has a cool style. By now we are collecting them, but thinking about creating a coffee table using just vinyls... ;) 

A DIY moneybox! It is a coffee mug, The message is very clear... But still the first thing the people do in my house is to touch that! 

The Bathroom! I just cannot stand an empty wall, and I needed some sexy girls to feel inspired every morning and do my make-up. Creating a collage with your favorite pictures from magazines could be fun and also gives a lot of personality to your home. 

Take some time to think about the place where you live, and try to create a special corner just for you, for your ideas...for the things you like  for whatever you feel. It can just take a couple of minutes, and at the end is so useful, pratical and artistic. It could be a wall with your pictures, a board  with your thoughts or a painted wall. There is nothing compared with the happiness and calm that you feel at home. This place deserves a lot of attention and good energy.

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  1. Good to know you're pursuing your dreams and passion. Your story is really inspiring.
    Sofia, from college