Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Parisian guide!

Spending a few days in Paris is a fantastic experience that everyone would like to live. Paris has an appeal that is absolutely unique, its extraordinary environment and the outstanding style of this city is remarkable and inspiring at the same time. This place is definitely an obligated venue, nonetheless, I know some people who just fell in love at first sight with this place, and also some people, who just don't like it. My question always was...why does it happen? 
Paris at the end, it's a huge city with a strong personality, maybe it could be a bit intimidating for some, it's also a place with lot of diversity and you have to get used to it; But Paris has this magical energy that makes you feel like you got the world in your hands. Just having in front of your eyes the Eiffel Tower or the Notre-Dame Cathedral are experiences with no comparison. But, which I love most from Paris is that the famous known monuments are not even the 10 percent of the city. There you have a whole place to discover! There are things for everyone, and in every corner there is the possibility to find an interesting and surprising thing, that's why I think everyone should give the chance in life to get to know this place for some days and just fall in love with the French capital. Whatever you are looking for, this metropolis has a tremendous greatness, an iconic beauty and a bunch of things to offer you and surprise you.

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