Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Made for a traveler...

This time our love for traveling gather together with our passion for doing handmade things. We'd taken an old suitcase we found at home, and we made of it a completely new one using some swatches, textile paintings and accessories, we got inspired by a vintage concept, including a bit of this 'traveler enthusiasm' that came along. It's actually pretty cool! to feel unique at the airport when everyone has an usual 'boring blue or black...luggage' :D That's why we couldn't resist at doing something special and personal in a very easy way.
In the back, we've put together different pieces of fabric. In a form of patchwork, since is a bit difficult to sew a suitcase especially because it's always done of a very thick material, we have used first a fabric glue to keep the pieces steady. Afterwards, It's pretty easy to sew them just from one side and you would be able to keep it clean and in the right position.
In the front part, we have covered all the pocket with a simple fabric to start painting the base and make the full design. We have chosen some doodles that we made firstly with a pencil and then with a fabric marker for the details, however the whole design is made up with textile paintings. We also added little accessories that complete and adorn all the suitcase.
Get started at doing something beautiful and unique! because there is nothing more special than something done with your own hands, this object will have life and an endless beauty. And this is simply amazing! :D

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  1. Amiguita sos toda una recicladora, tienes una imaginación ilimitada para crear cualquier tipo de cosas!! Me fascina todo!!