Saturday, November 23, 2013

You are what you love...

Hi! We are back in Amsterdam!  the city of dreams and weed :D I came back to this fantastic place to keep going with our artistic idea of a brand inspired by the city of Amsterdam. Since the beginning this place gave us all the inspiration and creativity to feel like making a whole brand inspired by the style, the people, the culture, the music and Amsterdam's fashion.-Red Light Knits- is the brand created by my wonderful mom, supported by a great photographer and combined with my SinMente style to create and design unique knitted pieces ;) She is a professional Knitter with lot of years of experience in Knitting design and handmade products, That's why I am here! I wanted so much to see all her work, help her with my own designs, give ideas, provide my own vission and also to model all the products :p 

This original jacket has been inspired in a design I saw on the Figue catwalks. Their model of Bella Sweaterhas ethnic motives and funny, hairy sleeves. I used a pattern of Indian motif from a vintage Verenamagazine and the "long dreads" Phildar yarn I just had at hand. All the jacket body is knitted with the Icelandic unspun wool plötulopi. This kind of wool is great because is soft, warm and very resistant, but might be complicated to work with for unexperienced knitters as it breaks very easily.
Mr A'dam is elegant but casual at the same time. He has a cute sexy moustache that he carefully looks after every morning. Then he shows it off proudly around the city through the channels, naturally from his bike!

Mr A'dam is the new sweater from our collection. Made from Icelandic lettlopi wool with the appliqué of the elegant moustache and funny (practical....) elbow patches. The sweater has also super fashionable up-down shape and few buttons sewn on the raglan line. Knitted totally in the round with no seams.

Waters of Amsterdam Jacket....
The city of Amsterdam was initially formed along few main canals that formed it into the shape of the famous ring: Singelgracht, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht. The jacket Waters of Amsterdam is a visualisation of those canals that also form a ring around the yoke.

The sweater is knitted in the round using the typical Icelandic tradition of lopi technique. It is amazingly warm and soft thanks to the natural sheep wool purchased in Iceland and Poland. It has two way zipper that opens from down and from up just as you might need it best. Long sleeves and long body will keep cozy and super comfortable as the sweater is also light and not itchy. The size fits S-L. The body has slight shaping to flatter the curves.

This is a unique piece and there will not be knitted another sweater of exactly the same kind
Red Light Knits develops in the city of Amsterdam, known for its unique style and endless inspiration. A team of many years experienced hand knitter: Isabela, young talented fashion designer: Annika and a great photography artist: Michel, works on hand made projects to keep someone warm and hot….looking.

All our unique pieces can be found at our online stores:

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